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about aji

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"Ah-ji" is made up by people who enjoy creating theatre.
We are a group of individuals always looking for ways to have fun in life.
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Our Goal

By planning, creating, and performing theatre,
we aim to connect and interact with others,
sharing experiences that enrich our lives.
We strive to create performances that leave our audience feeling good.

To Achieve Our Goal

1.We will always try to have fun with an optimistic outlook on life.
2.We will strive to share and experience everything we do on stage with all of our audience members.
3.We will aim to create and perform theatre that make people feel good.


Aji was started in 2006 by Takayuki Shima and Kumi Kaneko.
By 2010 they had created a total of 8 shows, performing once or twice a year.
In 2011, physical advisor, Ichiro Kato, actress, Masako Tomita, and cameraman, Hiroyuki Yamada,
joined the unit, and actress, Rei Takashima, in 2012, resulting in an even more powerful creation process.